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8 things many don’t know about Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley, also known as the “King of Rock N’ Roll”, is definitely one of the greatest and most influential artists of all time. His songs are timeless and even the youth of today still sing some of his biggest hits like “Can’t Help Falling in Love” and “It’s Now or Never.”

Many of his fans are imitating his remarkable costume and his striking moves but many also admit that they don’t actually know everything about Elvis aside from being named by Forbes in 2008 as the top-earning dead celebrity.

Here are the 8 things you probably might not know about Elvis:

1. Elvis had the habit of shooting things. He was known for shooting out his own TV because of Robert Goulet. But do you know he loved blasting light bulbs floating on his swimming pool?

2. Elvis sometimes communicated with his friends through a code – by speaking sentences backward.

3. Elvis’ manager’s true name was Andreas Cornelis van Kuijik. He was an illegal immigrant from the Netherlands.

4. Elvis’ refers to “burnt” as something good. He loved saying the expression “That’s burnt, man.”

5. Elvis’ was believed to be a bi-polar and depressive despite his enormous success.

6. Elvis seriously wanted to be an actor. Though he starred in 33 films, he said ‘Jailhouse Rock’ and ‘King Creole’ made him feel he’s a true actor.

7. Elvis, at a concert in Norfolk on July 20, 1975, accused his quartet of black female backup singers for eating catfish before performing. Two of the backup singers walked out and many from the audience were offended by Elvis’ comments.

8. Elvis last read the book “A Scientific Search for the Face of Jesus” written by Frank O. Adams before he died. It was also found out that before he passed way, he ate four scoops of ice cream and six chocolate chip cookies.

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Three of the Best Elvis Presley Songs Ever Recorded

Back in the day before the bieber-fever and the one-direction, and the all the other boy bands that have graced the planet, there is one icon that still lives among the playlist of many people — Elvis Presley.

 Known as the original hip-moving bad boy in the 20th century, Elvis Presley was a rockstar and a music idol in his day. Having numerous hits, from country and gospel to rock and roll, his music has left a legacy.

In fact, most of his songs are still used in many films and has been remade by many of today’s artists and performers.

As a tribute, here is a list of three Elvis Presley's greatest songs ever recorded:

Hound Dog

The tune of this Elvis Presley song many already be familiar to your ears and has been used I the soundtrack of the hit movies Forest Gump, Lilo & Stitch, A Few Good Men, and Indiana Jones. The song, made up short lyrics with only 2 verses, is perfect song to dance to, as like any other Elvis hits.

Heartbreak Hotel

The next Elvis song has a bluesier vibe to it. It is a break up song that talks about a man who moved in a “heartbreak hotel” after his lover left him. In his sorrow, he lives in a fictional world wherein he lives with strangers, while painting a picture of the people in the hotel. The song is relatable to most people who feel a deep grief of hopeless love.

Can't Help Falling in Love

If the other song talks about heartbreak, this next song goes a different route. As a popular song that has been remade many times in the past three decades, the original Elvis version reflects a cool romantic voice singing about the positive things about love. It is considered one of the best love songs of all time and is still played in the radio even in today’s modern music.

The Cultural Impact of Elvis Presly in Rock n Roll

He feels rock and rock; he breaths it; he cannot help living without it. These things have driven the soul of the Elvis Presley to create music and to perform in front of a million people worldwide.

Truly, the impact of Elvis Presley in the world of rock and roll still lives on up until this very day. Not only does he have a great vocal color, but is also a central figure in the world of rock and roll. He added up sexiness, soul, and spice to the traditional type of rock in 50s.

Recognizable by his blue suede shoes, capes, and jumpsuit,Elvis Presley, has had an far-reaching cultural force in world of rock n roll over the past decades. He inspired many artists today, making rock n roll the international language of soul-electrifying music. With baritone voice, he both sang rock influenced “danceable” songs and ballads, paving the way for other rock musicians like Big Joe Turner, Jerry Lee Lewis, the Everly Brothers, and many more.

Described as an American music massive force of nature in last century, he independently changed the route of music and culture in the mid 50’s during his peak; together with some of his greatest hits with titles like Heartbreak Hotel, Love Me Tender, A Big Hunk o' Love, and Surrender.

However, Elvis is not only known for his music. He is very also very identifiable with his dance moves, shaking his hips that outraged many people, especially the ladies. Although too sexual in nature, many believe that he had the soul to dance like was “black.”

Among his many accolades, include 3 Grammy Awards, 3 RIAA Platinum Record Awards and 35 RIAA Gold Record Awards, and selling over 1 billion records worldwide, 600 of which are sold in the United Staes alone, making him one of the greatest English language single in the 20th century.

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Elvis Presley the Great

Any Elvis Presley fan knows that there is no one who can stir people's emotions like Presley did and still does. A person can be down in the dumps and feeling low as can be, but when he hear "All Shook Up" or "Don't Be Cruel" coming through those speakers, suddenly he will feel a little better.

Elvis' career and life are legendary, and all the facts and fables have been covered widely: from his humble beginning and impoverished childhood in their tiny wooden shotgun 2 room house in Mississippi; to the start of his astonishing musical career when he was discovered by Sam Phillips of Sun Records as a teenager; to his sudden rise to the international fame which was launched and managed by the flashy Colonel Tom Parker.

As mentioned above, the story of Elvis started in a two-room house in Tupelo, Mississippi. Jobs were scarce and times were hard, so the Elvis and his family decided to try their luck in the city, and in 1948 they moved to Memphis Tennessee.

When Elvis became famous, he decided to remain in Memphis Tennessee instead of going to live a glamorous life in Hollywood. His home was Memphis and it is now the place where his diehard fans normally gather to celebrate him as the King of Rock and Roll.

We was referred to as "The King of Rock and Roll", even today, he still holds the throne. There has never been any other American icon as instantly recognizable as Presley (well, unless you want to include Mickey Mouse in your count). Elvis is so iconic that, while one may not be able to recognize a single band or musician his kids are into, they are sure of who the King of Rock and Roll is because he established the image of The King.

Elvis Presley - King of Rock and Roll

As the years go by, people's memories become like a dense forest through which they make their way along familiar, well-trodden paths. Some unnoticed smaller paths normally branch out, sometimes leading to half-forgotten memories. Popular history in music was made on January 8, 1935 in Tupelo, Mississippi when Elvis Presley was born.

Elvis Presley
Presley's twin brother Jesse Garon died at the time of birth. Elvis's parents were very poor and he never had music lessons, however, he was surrounded by music from his early age. Presley's parents were very religious and he regularly sang at various church services. In 1948 when Elvis was 13 years his family relocated to Memphis, Tennessee. Elvis left school in 1953 and found a job as a truck driver.

The young grew up to create rock and roll and turned to be one of the most popular singers in American record history. He was referred to as the "King of Rock and Roll" and this was a name that was well earned.
It only took a jiggle from the Elvis to send many teenage girls passing out and their parents going nuts. Presley remained a very popular performer until his demise from a heart attack in 1973 at age 42. Elvis left his money to his daughter, Lisa Marie Presley who became one of the richest persons in the world when she was only 9 years old.

Carter, the President at that time was asked to declare a day of national mourning for the "King of Rock and Roll". The president said that Elvis had changed the face of American popular culture and added that Elvis was unique and irreplaceable. 80,000 people attended Elvis funeral and many streets were jammed with lots of cars, and Presley films were shown on various television stations, while his records were played on various radio stations all day. In the year after Elvis death 100,000,000 Presley LPs were sold.

True King Has Came!

Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley is an adored cultural icon, even to this day, and this most awesome 20th century singer and actor known the world over as the 'King of Rock and Roll' is still rocking the world in the 21st century with his gorgeous and highly recognizable voice crooning out different genres, including pop, country, blues and gospel. He had a tremendous impact on the American youth consumer market, so much so in fact that 'The Wall Street Journal' even commented in 1956 that 'Elvis Presley today is a business' when taking into account his enormous  record and merchandise sales.  By 1956 Elvis was on his way to becoming a national phenomenon, with teenagers coming in their multitudes to his booked out concerts.

Massive and Lasting Contributions to the Music World

Since his first self-entitled album in 1956, music critics are in unison when they say that  modern rock n roll  would never be where and what it is now without his contributions to the genre.  In spite of his shy nature, Elvis Presley , a best selling solo artist in his time has been nominated and won numerous awards and also been inducted into music halls of fame. IDPoster has some great Elvis Presley posters!

Born a twin in 1935 in Mississippi, Elvis Presley grew up with a tight bond and deep love for this mother and is buried in Graceland, alongside his mother. This music giant never received formal music training but learned to play by ear. He represented sexual liberation at that time and soon came to be known as 'Elvis the Pelvis' because of his slow, rotating pelvis movements. These movements were considered to be highly suggestive and somewhat vulgar , but they became part of his trademarks.

An Ever-Shining Star

Suspicious Minds, a  number one song for Elvis in 1969, and one of his most popular hits, was his final number one in the U.S. pop charts. Elvis fell off the pop charts towards the end of his career, but was still a massive hit on the country music and contemporary adult charts during the 1970's before he died. Graceland was Elvis Presley's primary residence until his death. He was found dead on the floor of his bathroom at Graceland at the age of 42, leaving his ex-wife Priscilla Presley and Lisa Marie, his daughter. Today, while there is no longer the same volume of  album reissues as in the past, Elvis is still a top-earning dead celebrity; and his good looks and talent will ensure that the 'King's' memory lasts, while new stars rise and fall and are simply forgotten.